PBM Contracting Innovations

When:  Feb 21, 2019 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (ET)
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PBM Contracting Innovations

Simple steps to impact your bottom line today and tomorrow


Facilitator: Mike Stull, CMO, Employers Health Photo Mike Stull is a well-recognized PBM Contracting Expert in the Coalition Community, and in the PBM Industry at large.  Mike's primary focus is on strengthening the Employers Health brand and growing membership, particularly in the coalition's 20-year, $1 billion group purchasing program for pharmacy benefits.


Biosimilars: Challenge and Opportunity

Understand the advantages to biosimilar medications, and the challenges associated with their entry into the drug market. Learn what PBMs should do to facilitate entry.

Managing Low Value Drugs

Understand potential disadvantages to the current practice of placing drugs on formularies using rebates to reduce costs and determine preferred placement. Learn how you can use a low net drug cost formulary strategy that challenges drug makers to rethink their traditional pricing.

Using Audits to Enhance Plan Performance
Understand how audits can provide visibility into how your pharmacy benefit is working, hold your PBM accountable to the agreed services, and recover funds lost through processing errors and overpayments. Learn how to use audits to identify opportunities for improvement and strengthen PBM  performance.