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Now announcing! The Medical Director Advisory Council & Medical Directors on Demand

Medical Director Advisory Council (MDAC):

The MDAC is comprised largely of medical directors of National Alliance regional coalitions. The Council’s formation provides a forum for monthly discussion of clinically-related topics relevant to employer benefits, and also creates a channel for information dissemination to member coalitions. The current clinician membership represents a remarkable breadth of health management experience, much of that resulting from employer-based roles. As a group of clinicians with varied interests and experience, opportunities exist for National Alliance member coalitions, particularly those without a medical director, to either informally access or contract with MDAC members for project-based coalition work. Additionally, the MDAC is positioned to engage in collaborative research, with the goal of enhancing the value that employers can derive from their investments in workforce health and well-being. Focus areas of the MDAC are self-guided, in that the group selects topics for collective exploration and discussion.


Medical Directors on Demand conference calls:

These monthly calls is to provide member coalitions and the National Health Leadership Council with access to members of the Medical Director Advisory Council (MDAC). MDAC members are coalition medical directors with substantial experience and expertise, and can provide insight into topical issues and questions related to clinical topics, benefits strategies and tactics, as well as workforce health management and organizational culture. The goal of these calls is to provide informed discussion of clinically relevant topics of interest for interested coalition leaders, particularly those without medical directors. Initial calls have included a focus on worksite clinics, digital diabetes tools, genomics, and physician quality evaluation. Individuals (coalition leaders or NHLC members) with an interest in a particular topic for discussion are encouraged to reach out to Bruce Sherman at bsherman@nationalalliancehealth.org, so that the topic can be added to the call schedule.

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Leadership Perspective

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