Peter Hayes

Healthcare Purchaser Alliance of Maine

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Healthcare Purchaser Alliance of Maine


>Over 15 years of health benefits and health policy experience in corporate,consulting and public policy creating arenas. >Proven leadership capability and relationship building skills within a corporate environment and external organizations. > Co-founder and President of the Maine Health Management Coalition,President of Care Focused Purchasing,Leapfrog Board Member,Executive Advisory Board for Express Scripts, Aetna, Definity Health and JNJ. Secretary of the Center for Health Value Innovation. >Demonstrated innovation in developing strategies to improve the quality of care while achieving flat, multiple year medical cost trends >National presence in health care strategy and innovation. > Frequent national keynote speaker. >Recipient of national awards such as the NBGH Platinum Award for Health Promotion.

Specialties: Value Based Health Benefit Design,Medical Tourism,Minimally Invasive Procedures,Health Promotion and Wellness Programs,Incentives,Provider Tiering,Community Health Models,Provider Reimbursement Models,Innovative Strategies