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Findings on the State of the PBM Industry

This 2020 Report includes a cross-section of PBMs, with large and small, “carve-out” and “carve-in” organizations demonstrating their commitment to transparency by answering questions on their policies and programs. For the first time, our report publicly identifies the Participating PBMs’...


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Achieving Accountability & Predictability on the MEDICAL SIDE of Drug Benefits

The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions launched a “deep dive” initiative earlier this year focused on the medical side of drug benefits with the intent to support employers in better understanding the key challenges and identify key strategies they can leverage to better...

Achieving Accountability & Predictability on the MEDICAL SIDE of Drug Benefits_FINAL.pdf

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NPC Resource Guide for Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions and Employers

The National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) is very pleased to provide this Resource Guide to healthcare purchaser coalitions and employers. The guide provides information and research in key areas such as benefit design, value assessment, and health spending. #PharmacyandMedicalDrugs

NPC Employer Resource Guide 12-05-19.pdf

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PBMs Protecting Members

PBMs Protecting Members Working with your PBM to minimize member risk and cost. Facilitator: Clare Hunter, Arxcel Clare is an experienced clinical pharmacist with expertise in navigating the world of prescription benefits and managed care pharmacy, with 10+ years experience in the managed...

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Employer Perspectives on Prescription Drug Management - New Research on What's Working, What Needs Fixing

The current approach by PBMs to manage the cost of prescription drugs is perceived by many stakeholders as overly complex and opaque, resulting in a number of issues that seem misaligned with healthcare value goals. There is a disconnect between the important role employers believe their PBMs...

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Specialty Drug Copay Assistance - Integrating Value Based Design

Copay Assistance programs can have positive benefits for patients but can drive up benefit plan costs. Some PBMs have introduced designs that offset both the positive and negative effects of these programs. This webcast will provide an overview of these designs, the potential benefits and risks...

Integrating Value Based Design with Specialty Drug Copay Assistance.mp4

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Action Brief: Rheumatoid Arthritis_October 2016

Inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) typically rank among the top three most costly conditions for specialty drugs, along with cancer and multiple sclerosis. RA is a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disease that causes a range of symptoms, including stiffness and swelling in...