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Rethinking Health & Wellbeing Strategies 

12-01-2020 05:49 PM

Connecting employee health and wellbeing strategies to overall organizational performance and, more specifically, to a broader people agenda, has often been sub-optimized. Often, organizations are “siloed,” and wellness and health commonly fall to human resources. This paper takes a fresh and comprehensive look at the factors that drive people-centered outcomes and organizational performance.


This paper is part of the activities sponsored through a Capacity Building Engagement Award from the Patient-centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The grant, titled National Alliance & IBI Build Capacity on Patient-Centered Benefit Program Strategies has been guided by a multi-disciplinary advisory committee, and has been focused on the development of a structured approach to incorporating patient-centered outcomes in strategic health benefits planning by employers. This approach includes a framework focused on health and wellbeing and is intended to enable employers to have a clearer understanding of the link between their benefits planning activities and the associated business consequences.


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