PBM Assessment Tool


The PBM Assessment Tool is drawn from a subset of eValue8, an evidence-based tool that measures and evaluates pharmacy benefits and health plan performance. It asks probing questions about how PBMs manage critical processes that control costs and improve the health of an employer’s population and highlights vendor performance in key areas such as: efficiency and appropriateness of generics, specialty drugs, outpatient safety and adherence and pharmaceutical management, chronic disease and behavioral health.

Through the results of the tool, plans learn what they need to do to align their strategies with purchaser expectations to maximize the value of the health care investment This tool is a transformational resource to help National Alliance member coalitions lead in improving health and value of health care services in their communities by advancing value-based purchasing.

The Benefits  

Provides easy-to-compare performance reports that allow participants to assess health care vendors on a local, regional and national basis 

  • Help participating coalitions, purchasers, and plans to improve their management, administration, and/or delivery of healthcare services  
  • Identify results-oriented health plans and networks 
  • Designate best-in-class vendors 
  • Determine healthcare consumer/employee education opportunities 
  • Develop targeted strategies for improving results in future years 
  • Builds a foundation for continuous quality improvement and value-based purchasing
  • Shaped by the best thinking in the country – other purchasers in local, regional and national markets

Join a collective voice for purchaser expectations

As more coalitions and their purchaser members use the PBM Assessment Tool, vendors and administrators will spend more time focusing on the quality and performance measures purchasers want and adopt the best in leading-edge improvement and healthcare quality strategies.  

How can you access it?