High blood pressure and high cholesterol are the top risk factors for heart disease, a major healthcare cost driver and the leading cause of death in the US. Empowering people to take control of their heart health with Hello Heart’s exclusive digital therapeutic that uses technology and behavioral science to prevent avoidable heart disease is within reach. Hello Heart is an easy, fun, engaging way to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce risk while improving quality of life and lowering healthcare costs and incidence of high-cost claims.
Today, 1 in 3 eligible adults do not complete recommended colorectal cancer screening because methods can be unpleasant, time-consuming, and difficult to complete. Most patients prefer a blood test that can be completed at any doctor visit. The highly sensitive Shield test from Guardant Health offers an accurate, easy-to-complete, blood-based approach to cancer screening with the potential to improve screening rates and save more lives.
Health plans can do better. Employers should have control of their costs. Employees should get the high-quality care they need at a fair price. And everyone deserves more support and a high-quality experience. Imagine360 is a self-funding expert with a mission to change the status quo. “Your Health Plan” is a different kind of self-funded health plan solution that puts purchasers at the center of the experience to provide the flexibility, service and support needed to take good care of employees, their families, and businesses.
Born out of a health plan, Vitality was built to engage members at the intersection of wellbeing and care. Time-tested and trusted by the largest insurers in the world – and some of the world’s healthiest organizations – Vitality experts identify and predict risk, integrate into health ecosystems, and engage members in the highest value interventions in a simple, rewarding experience.
Millions of Americans provide care to loved ones who are aging or have special needs, many of whom have nowhere to turn for support and caregiver relief. From running errands, to arranging for health care and home health equipment, to preparing meals, to navigating Medicare plans, family caregivers simply cannot do it all. Homethrive is a technology-enabled healthcare service company that reduces work, worry and stress for unpaid family caregivers, their loved ones, and their employers through the perfect blend of 24/7 high tech and the human touch of care guides.
Twill (formerly Happify Health) weaves together the strands of mental and physical health and creates digital-first care that is as connected as the body and mind. By combining scientifically designed digital therapeutics, wellbeing products, community-based care, live coaching, and clinician-trained AI, Twill intelligently guides each person to the care they need, when they need it, in the way they want, bridging the gap between need and care.
In a complicated industry, employees need help navigating their options and managing their unique health care needs. With over 20% of employees missing out on the care they need, Fidelity helps plan sponsors build a blueprint to meet short- and long-term goals, and provides a benefits platform, record keeping, and navigation to help individuals better manage their health. The combined use of technology and high-touch solutions guides people to the right care at the right time.
Truth Initiative conducts groundbreaking research and policy studies, gives young people the facts about smoking, vaping, nicotine, and the tobacco industry, engages individuals and groups to make change in their communities, innovates to end tobacco use, and joins forces with collaborators committed to making tobacco use and nicotine addiction a thing of the past. The EX Program is a digital tobacco cessation program, developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, for employers and health plans to support individuals in need of quit support.
Over 70 million Americans suffer from a chronic digestive condition — that’s twice as many as diabetes. The annual cost of GI disease is $136 billion — greater than heart disease, trauma, or mental health. Vivante is revolutionizing care for digestive disease, one person at a time. Digital health solutions provide personalized, comprehensive care for people with digestive conditions, combining clinically backed interactive tech, targeted nutrition, and 24/7 personal support to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care.
Lyra’s concierge member experience ensures every employee has ready access to high-quality, transformative care tailored to their unique needs. In addition to a broad, highly trained network of expert providers worldwide and clinician-led workshops, interactive online courses, and other tools, Lyra’s team of experts decreases stigma and addresses the tough challenges of our times. Actively addressing employee burnout; diversity, equity and inclusion; suicidality; substance use disorder; and other challenges has never been more urgent. With Lyra’s care offerings for the full spectrum of mental health issues for people of all ages, most employees experience reliable ...
Vivio’s formula to take better care of employees and their families relies on algorithms using real-world drug and individual patient data to make the right drugs available to the right members at the right time. This approach to precision care saves mid-sized and large self-insured employers 25%-35% of their current spend while delivering higher levels of patient satisfaction and better outcomes. Vivio Precision Care erases the arbitrary line between the pharmacy and medical benefit and supports both for truly personalized care.
Sesh is revolutionizing and destigmatizing virtual mental health support by enabling connection and healing through community. Helping individuals find support in a virtual community setting— backed and led by board-certified therapists — leads to connections and therapeutic conversations that heal and empower participants. Empathy is the essence of Sesh, confidentiality for every member is assured, and the therapist team is held to the highest standards of professionalism.
Progyny’s superior clinical outcomes help employers join the “employer-of-choice” ranks and save money by reducing treatment costs, normalizing spend, and advising on benefit design strategy for fertility treatments and support for adoption and surrogacy. As a trusted partner for hundreds of organizations across 30 industries, Progyny eases the path to parenthood. Solutions reflect equity and inclusion, supporting all families, including those who are single parents by choice or part of LGBTQ+, or racially and ethnically diverse communities.
Harnessing the power of genetic science, Coriell Life Sciences empowers precise medical care for a healthier world through personalized medicine, paths to better health, and the most efficient care possible. Its pharmacogenomics services (the study of how genes affect an individual’s response to medication) and precision medicine (diagnosis and treatment plan specific to each individual patient) delivers paths to better health and more efficient care to improve lives, reduce healthcare costs, and simplify decision-making.
AscellaHealth provides a full spectrum of cutting-edge programs and services to benefit payers, life sciences, providers, and patients. Its patient-centric, clinical, financial, and technology-based offerings streamline access to specialty medications, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance the entire therapy journey for patients with chronic or complex conditions requiring high-cost specialty pharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapies.
While the pandemic led to worrisome delayed and missed screenings for preventable, treatable conditions, BioIQ has been increasing access to the most advanced approach to testing in the diagnostic industry. Employers and health plans can now delivery timely, convenient, consumer-centric testing strategies to head off disease and illness before they become serious. By removing barriers to testing and telehealth, employees — and organizations — can be their healthy best.
Surgery is overprescribed and overcharged, accounting for up to half of an organization’s healthcare spend. Carrum Health is a surgery benefit offering personalized service and a seamlessly coordinated experience that delivers superior quality, real savings, better outcomes, and no sacrifices. Award-winning services offer a transparent bundled price for common planned procedures; access to top-quality hospitals, surgery centers, and physicians; and end-to-end concierge service and intuitive online tools that take the stress and worry out of many inpatient and outpatient surgeries by improving outcomes and lowering costs.
Capital Rx, a next-generation pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), is on a mission to change the way prescriptions are priced and administered. Through contemporary and continuously evolving technology and infrastructure that creates sustainable social change, Capital Rx is the fastest growing PBM in America, overseeing prescription drug benefit plans on behalf of public and private employers, hospital systems, and health plans. Its award-winning technology, innovation, and a commitment to service coupled with a reputation for excellence and integrity is resulting in PBM transformation that delivers better clinical and unrivaled financial outcomes.
About 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. Lack of sleep is associated with injuries, chronic diseases, mental illnesses, poor quality of life and well-being, increased healthcare costs, and lost work productivity. Nox Health is creating a world where it is well understood that sleep is a fundamental necessity of life and sleep takes its rightful place in the healthcare ecosystem. The SleepCharge program for employer-sponsored health plans and health systems offers a comprehensive solution that gives people easy access to medical and behavioral care for sleep that delivers long-term success.
With Hydrogen Health, the future of primary care is here. Digitally enabled, advanced primary care leads to high-quality, consumer-centric virtual care. Centralized medical records give the entire care team a complete patient overview, ensuring a integrated, comprehensive patient care. From annual wellness visits, to urgent care needs, to mental health, to help with managing chronic conditions, to pediatrics, employees can easily access a clinician who is empowered by advanced technology to provide smarter, more effective care for better outcomes — and peace of mind.