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Rethinking Health & Wellbeing Strategies

Connecting employee health and wellbeing strategies to overall organizational performance and, more specifically, to a broader people agenda, has often been sub-optimized. Often, organizations are “siloed,” and wellness and health commonly fall to human resources. This paper takes a fresh and...

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Key Employer Insights: What makes Primary Care ADVANCED Primary care and How does it Add Value to Healthcare

This webinar brings Primary Care Experts, Coalition Leaders and PCORI-funded researchers to discuss the strategies behind Advanced Primary Care and how Employers can begin to implement this model through their health plans and/or direct contracts with providers. #Webinar #PCORI

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Integrating Mental Health Services and Primary Care

Improving Outcomes, Lowering Costs, Reducing Stigma Research shows that 68% of people diagnosed with mental illness, particularly depression, have higher rates of comorbidities than the general population. These patients also are more likely to die prematurely and are at greater risk for...

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Oncology Deep Dive

Deep Dive Report To support coalitions and the employer community in their efforts to manage cancer care, the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions (National Alliance) has conducted a very thorough assessment of how health plans are managing cancer care. Questions pertained to...


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What Purchasers Need to Know About Cancer_Infographic

The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions created a two page infographic for employers/purchasers on what they need to know about cancer. This piece was created as a supplement to the Oncology Deep Dive also created by the National Alliance. Published: March 8, 2019 #PCORI


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Care After Hospitalizations

Mental health has become a serious concern for employers, especially as they consider the workforce cost and productivity implications.When a diagnosis of serious mental illness requires hospitalization, extra attention and care is required. Employers can take measures to ensure appropriate care...


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Webinar: HealthNEXT - An Evidence Based Strategy to Culture of Health

Learn how to better measure the value of bringing the HealthNEXT six-sigma assessment and improvement process to your company or coalition. The HealthNEXT and the National Alliance staff can provide this program immediately for those interested in getting started. This Framework has also been...

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