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Action Brief: Medical Imaging

As high-deductible health plans went mainstream, employers and employees became increasingly sensitive to (and surprised by) high cost and quality variability between healthcare facilities. High cost did not necessarily indicate high quality; likewise, low cost did not correlate with low quality...

NA_Action Brief_Imaging_D.pdf

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Action Brief: High Value Preventive Care During COVID-19

The use of preventive care for physical and mental health has fallen sharply during the COVID-19 pandemic, with people foregoing immunizations, testing, screening and treatment. As a result, fewer acute, serious and chronic physical and mental health conditions are being identified and treated. ...


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Staying Healthy during COVID-19

This Action Brief for employees outlines the importance of immunizations. Most healthy people who contract COVID-19 do not become as sick as unhealthy people. Immunizations (shots) help prevent many serious illnesses, including influenza (flu). #ActionBrief #COVID-19Topics #Immunizations

ImmunizationsEMPLOYEE ACTION BRIEF_10.8.20.pdf

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High-Value Preventive Care During COVID-19 for Employers

This Action Brief offers employer actions to support their preventive care strategy during COVID-19. As the pandemic took hold, providers deferred elective and preventive care services in an effort to limit virus transmission. Many months into the health crisis, too many Americans have remained...

Immunizations EMPLOYER ACTION BRIEF_F 10.08.20.pdf

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Stroke Awareness

Urging Employees to get Emergency Care during the Pandemic "Unrecognized fatalities" from COVID-19 suggest that many patients suffering from serious conditions are dying as a results of delaying or not seeking care as the outbreak progresses and overwhelms many hospitals. With stroke the...

Stroke Awareness _ National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions.pdf

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Integrating Mental Health Services and Primary Care

Improving Outcomes, Lowering Costs, Reducing Stigma Research shows that 68% of people diagnosed with mental illness, particularly depression, have higher rates of comorbidities than the general population. These patients also are more likely to die prematurely and are at greater risk for...

National Alliance _ Mental Health & Primary Care.pdf